About Us

About Eptex Health

At Eptex Health we have a vision for skincare. Our vision is to use the science of the skin barrier to develop optimally formulated products that are both accessible and affordable. We believe that products designed to develop a healthy skin barrier will improve the skin we live in.

Using the science of skin barrier repair developed by noted scientists such as Peter Elias, MD, of UCSF, https://eliasandwilliams.com we are developing a range of products designed to improve the skins natural barrier function. Today many of these products are prescription only. Our goal is to make such scientifically formulated products available to everyone.

About the Founder

Our Founder, Elise Geiger has long been passionate about health. She has had a long and successful career in the Pharmaceutical Industry launching cutting edge products that improved the lives and health of many. She has a special fondness for the skin, developing several successful Dermatology Companies. The focus on lip care comes from the frustration shared by many when it comes to dry chapped lips. She found that many products actually made the problem worse. Some products resulted in more inflammation from an allergic response, and most lip balms consist of occlusive agents which need to be frequently reapplied. Tired of being addicted to lip balm, she has developed a truly moisturizing lip product based on scientific principles.