About Skin Barrier Science

The Eptex Skin Barrier Story

The skin is made up of various layers. The outermost layer is the stratum corneum. It is also called the permeability barrier because it is responsible for not only keeping environmental insults such as bacteria and allergens out, it is also responsible for keeping moisture in. The structure is like a brick wall, in which corneocytes or “bricks” are surrounded by intercellular lipids that act like the “mortar”. This “mortar” is critical for the integrity of the permeability barrier. Insufficient “mortar” results in moisture loss and dryness. This lipid matrix is composed of ceramides, cholesterol and free fatty acids. Studies show that all 3 of these lipids need to be present for the development of this “mortar” and a healthy permeability barrier.


Our first product, Eptex Lipcare is designed to provide the 3 essential lipids needed for a healthy lip barrier in a lip care product. We enhanced the delivery of these 3 essential lipids by encapsulating them in a controlled release technology which adheres to the lips and penetrates over time. It is designed to that provide sustained moisturization for even the driest of lips.